I'm Ashley, and I'm a 15-year old fashion and lifestyle blogger from Australia. I'm a lover of all things denim, herbal tea, traveling and journal writing. My blog was first started in April of 2014 and is forever changing, because, well, i'm pretty damn indecisive to be honest! So welcome to my little nook of the internet, have a look around and make yourself at home.

Here's a few quick facts about me;

Interests: blogging, photography, design, shopping, tea drinking, reading
Food: home-made smoothies and juices, burgers, berries, tea, tea, tea
Loves: crappy indie movies, denim jackets, overalls, floppy hats, beaches, picnics
Colours: orange, that pale terricotta colour of fences, rose gold
Music: chet faker, troye sivan, coldplay, taylor swift, james bay
Aspirations: to work as a seal trainer at sea world, own a matte black harley davidson, live in a terrace house and one day hit 2k followers on my instagram (hit me up a follow: @im.justashley)