Saturday, December 10, 2016

'Oh no not another video Ash, where's all the fashion posts you promised?' I hear you say. Well, guess what, this isn't just another lousy attempt of a video of me basically whispering at the camera because I'm too embarrassed to talk to myself when there's other people at home, no no no, this is a work of art, this is *drumroll please* my carry on bag essentials for travelling for like 8+ hours, but hey that's not the catchiest title in the world, so let's just call it, 'Carry On Travel Essentials.' I like it, short, snappy.
SO I'm off to Japan tonight (eeek!) and I'm quite a bit anxious, but also super excited to be jetting off to another country to explore and take too many photos and too many videos (fingers crossed I can remember to daily vlog a tad!)
If you want to hear more about the things I used to take on a plane with me, make sure to check out my bag essentials for my trip to Italy by clicking here!

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