Friday, December 16, 2016

Wearing: SASS shorts, Target tee, Addidas runners and H&M denim jacket with DIY wings

I've got a head, a head full of dreams! Still on such a high from Coldplay's concert from last week, and feeling like a completely different person too. Told myself during the concert that I'd come out of it as a more confident person, who didn't give a funk about what others thought, and well, I think it might actually be working for me!
So as you're reading this, I would have just spent my first week exploring the streets of the always beautiful, Japan, taking too many photos and filling up my phone storage. I put this together in advance as I knew I probably wouldn't have enough bother-some-ness to write and upload a blog post, so enjoy!
I went to the concert with my dad and brother, both Coldplay lovers also, and got tickets in the standing area right up close to the stage and the catwalk! And what a night it was! Chris didn't disappoint, with confetti cannons blasting off with every second song, and giant balloons floating everywhere, along with a marriage proposal and a special performance with Emmanuel Kelly. We were squashed in like sardines amongst some amazing people, and three hilarious blokes (from I think it was London) who told us, "we didn't come here to see Coldplay, Coldplay came here to see us." And even though I ended up with half a cup of their beer down my leg, I loved every moment of that night. I guess you could say that I had an "Amazing Day."


Saturday, December 10, 2016

'Oh no not another video Ash, where's all the fashion posts you promised?' I hear you say. Well, guess what, this isn't just another lousy attempt of a video of me basically whispering at the camera because I'm too embarrassed to talk to myself when there's other people at home, no no no, this is a work of art, this is *drumroll please* my carry on bag essentials for travelling for like 8+ hours, but hey that's not the catchiest title in the world, so let's just call it, 'Carry On Travel Essentials.' I like it, short, snappy.
SO I'm off to Japan tonight (eeek!) and I'm quite a bit anxious, but also super excited to be jetting off to another country to explore and take too many photos and too many videos (fingers crossed I can remember to daily vlog a tad!)
If you want to hear more about the things I used to take on a plane with me, make sure to check out my bag essentials for my trip to Italy by clicking here!



Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Felt a little bit productive today and decided to film a long awaited YouTube video for my channel that still surprisingly hasn't died yet! I managed to film despite a few inconveniences (a.k.a. my brother and his friends sleeping just outside my door, and the fact that me sitting in my room talking to myself always seems a bit unusual for people to hear hahahah).
Nevertheless, I'm back at it again, filming some videos and shooting some blog posts on my new and improved website (who else is in love with the new deign!) I'm still working on a few finishing touches but I'm so proud of how everything's slowly coming together, making me want to post on here so much more! See you soon!