Saturday, August 13, 2016

Wearing: AC/DC tee (bought at a market in Thailand), Target jeans, unknown belt, converse all stars, Factorie sunnies

Nothing's better than a bit of a throwback am I right? AC/DC tee paired with some, and I quote, “hippie go lucky” sunnies, just somehow makes the perfect outfit. Ok I’ll be completely honest, I've been watching too many of Izzy (viewsofnow, if you haven’t heard of her before I don’t know where you’ve been she’s one of my biggest inspirations!) videos and I’ve adopted a bit of her style into my own wardrobe, what she called; her 70’s aesthetic. And I’m loving it!
I also went op shopping (one of my new fave fave fave things to do) on the weekend and picked up a killer of a jacket. Oversized, vintage, brown, suede, perfect! (Keep an eye out for that making an appearance in lots of blog posts!)

Also, it's taken me ages to set it back up (I'm lazy okay, I get it) but my Bloglovin' account is back up and running, make sure to hit me up a follow to be notified when I upload a new post (because who knows when that's going to happen!) head over to here to follow me, or click on that subpage to the left with the word; bloglovin.

Anyway, one more hectic week down of this sort of sunny last month of Winter, only 16 days until Spring! Have a fabulous week, Ash xox

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