Sunday, August 21, 2016

Wearing: Cotton On tee (thrifted ^-^ ), Sportsgirl overalls and shoes (not pictured), Factorie long sleeve, NYX suede liquid lipstick (if you were wondering)

Well better late than never am I right? Honestly, I'm not surprised I hadn't planned a blog post for this week, even though I've been at home since Friday I still somehow got so distracted (and so lazy) to not shoot a quick Outfit of the Day post. Anyhow, sorry not sorry, here I am now we're all g!

So I went thrift shopping (or op shopping whatever you like to call it) with my fatherly figure last weekend, and snagged a few bargains, by a few I mean two, one was this striped shirt and the other, well, it'll be making an appearance soon enough! I know what you're probably thinking, "but that's just a Cotton On top what's so special about that?!" but could you really pass up an ok quality top for just $3.99? (Neither could I!)

Sidenote: I'm still working on my 70's vibe with the whole t-shirt over a skivvy get-up, and honestly I kinda love the look. I'm tryna play it cool and less low key 70's dad with the ribbed skivvy, but still, who doesn't love a bit of 70's dad fashion! Enjoy the rest of your week, Ash xox

P.S: noticed an improvement in the spelling of these blog posts? Well that's all thanks to Grammarly, check it out for a lifesaving spell checker in everything you type!

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