Saturday, July 02, 2016

Target cauldroy shirt, Cotton On top, Factorie skirt, Novo boots, Belt from idk i kinda just found it

*Frantically googles what understated is before publishing this post* I mean, it works, oversized and understated. Oversized denim looking shirt paired with some simple but effective pieces and a small statement belt, it works. I'll keep this little update short and sweet, mainly because i've gotta go out in less than 10 minutes and I maybe kinda still am in my pyjamas... This first week of holidays has sailed by so fast, I don't know where all of that time has gone! I've been hooked on watching project runway (my ultimate fave for fashion, drama and all round bitchiness) and I felt like this outfit was a bit of a 'make it work' moment, something that may not have been too fantastic at first, but chuck on an oversized shirt, maybe a belt, and some army green boots and you've got yourself an outfit ready to go!

Take care and enjoy the last week of relaxing and binge watching/eating/sleeping/blogging/reading, whatever floats your boat. Ash xox

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