Saturday, July 16, 2016

Factorie top, Addidas cap and shoes, Sportsgirl overalls, KJ Jewels watch, Shop Xela choker

It's been a while, bug it's great to be back! So i'm currently sitting here at my desk in the exact same outfit from the above pictures, drinking watermelon sorbet tea, and eating "lasagna" (basically if you haven't seen Ryan's "cooking, but not really" lasagna is just tinned lasagna, or the equivalent-tinned spaghetti-with a layer of rice on top and a whole bunch of melted cheese) and wondering what has happened in the past few days... As if you haven't heard of Pokémon Go! Today we went out Pokémon hunting and came across a cute little blue wall-blue door combo. To be a good Pokémon hunter, one must first look the part, and that's where this outfit came from. The overalls, patterned tee and cap combo just screamed Pokémon trainer to me, and well, it didn't look all that bad! 

Also make sure to check out both of these awesome independant labels:
Kj Jewels -  //
And Shop Xela -
Have an amazing weekend, and enjoy catching more Pokémon! Ash xox

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