Sunday, June 19, 2016

Dotti knit, Target jeans, belt stolen from mum's wardrobe, Addidas runners

It's funny, I never really understood why the grass is green in winter. Aren't things meant to freeze up, dry up, look pretty darn bare? I guess it just goes to show that 1) i'm can be pretty stupid sometimes, and 2) winter truly is a beautiful time of the year, when everything becomes new again, new and renewed. Now isn't that a lovely thought.

Also, side-note, i was so on edge wearing these white runners while taking these photos. You probably don't notice in the pics above, but there was mud everywhere! And i've been trying my best to keep these white runners actually white, i was walking around on my tiptoes avoiding all the muddy puddles. I actually brought gumboots with me so i had something to wear and walk around in without treading too carefully. I could walk through puddles 30cm deep without a second thought. It's the best feeling to get back down to earth and spend a good few hours outdoors, watching the sunset, picking wild-flowers, and jumping around in the mud! Have a wonderful week! Ash xox

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