Saturday, April 09, 2016

Target top, H&M culottes, (and of course) my trusty Converse Chuck Taylors

Hey! How's it going? I've finally broke the chain of video making/uploading with a brand spanking new outfit of the day post. Let me just say one thing, it's been far too long since i've done a post like this, i mean to put this into perspective my last post like this was shot and uploaded on the nineteenth of feb... yeah, so that's that.
To be completely honest, the only reason i came up with this post title is because i sent one of the outtakes of the shoot to my friend who fittingly replied back; making my way downtown. And thus the title of the post was decided, (making my way) DOWNTOWN (walking fast, faces pass and i'm home bound..... do doo do do do do doood do dooo)
I was also feeling a bit creative whilst editing the photos, and tried out making some edits. Sorry, i know they turned out pretty creepy. There were, rejects, when i was sorting through the photos taken on the shoot, and from the 250 taken i managed to cull it down to 30, all of which i edited and cropped in alternate ways, but out of that 30 i cut it down again to 19, and coudln't choose which ones to delete, so i doubled some up in the editing process, then got rid of some, then edited more, the got rid of more, and this went on and on and on until i managed to get the final 12. (finally, took me long enough!)
I've already let myself ramble on and on for too long, so i'll wrap it up by saying this. I am in love with these stunning culottes, which has sparked my hunt for more amazing culottes. Just how amazing are the pants, i mean, you think i'm wearing a skirt but then, boom, it's actually pants! As you can tell i get way too hyped up about these pants... Have a fabulous weekend, Ashley xox

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