Friday, December 11, 2015

(wow what creative blog titling ash)
(and what creative photo rotating ash)


Okay i'll be the one to say it, i have been super lazy with posting on here and on my Instagram. Well i haven't posted for twenty-one days to be exact. I know i know, i should really be more on top of all this, but... i'm going to blame that on tumblr.

I've been uninspired and out of creativity for twenty-one days now, and my blog and Insta are looking a bit drab, so when i woke up this morning (at 1:42pm) i grabbed out my laptop, opened up blogger, and started to write this post. Lets hope it's any good.

Anyway, this week i've got something a bit different, very different actually. I've been wanting to post something like this for a while but was unsure if anyone would be interested in reading it, to be honest, i'm still not very sure. I love thinking up new ideas of different content to upload to my blog, but have never got around to doing any of them, so i've just kept up with all the fashion posts, monthly favourites, playlists, diy's, wish lists, daily vlogs etc. and i'm even boring myself with my content!

So I've decided to start a new, sort of series, on my blog with some short stories, poems, and any other pieces of writing i've done. This might just be a once off, but let's just see how it goes, so here it is, my first little piece of 3am word vomit;

Silence. Bliss. 
Laced fingers. A soft kiss.
Cold feet. Gentle embrace.
Sound. Awakening. Heart begins to race.
Eyelids heavy.
Hands sweaty.
Louder, gaining momentum. Worry.
Eyes open, vision blurry.
Two people, two of the same.
Love nevertheless, no shame.
Different name.
Dark getting darker, light getting lighter.
Hands hold tighter. Easing.
Lips brush past each other, pleasing.
Fallen in love with a heart that beats slow.
A heart only one will ever know.
Raging sound. Fear.
Outcome, unclear.
Images of quiet nights.
Painted in black and white.
Colour drained out.
Replaced with doubt.
Body shaking.
Muscles aching.
Pulling away. Alone.
Without a rhythm.
Without the heart beat.
Curled up, knees tucked in.
Too long since the last kiss.
The last embrace.
Too long since the familiar warmth.
Only the emptiness now felt.
Alone. Alone.
The darkest dark still getting darker.
Defining sound. Overwhelming.
Eyes closed tight.
Drowning in dark behind eyelids.
Hands pressed over ears.
Damp pillow.
Light. Gentle.
A soft kiss, careful.
Pulling away.
Eyes open, day.
Listening. Silence.
Holding hands, lips moving fast, guidance.
Tangled sheets.
Again complete.
Silence. Bliss. 
Laced fingers. A soft kiss.

Ashley xox

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