Saturday, December 26, 2015


So I had planned for this weeks post to be an fashion post, but my laptop has been messing up and won't let me upload any photos! But don't worry, as soon as I get back home after our vacay up in Daylesford I'll upload the photos and everything will run smoothly again! So for now, here's a little slab of writing I did one night, not too sure if this makes any sense or not (I don't trust how reliable overtired Ash's writing skills are) but that aside, hope you enjoy it.

Seaside daisy. I was that type. 
Common daisy. I am that type
Paper daisy. I will be that type.

Bright, full of life, luscious greens, pinks, whites and yellow. Able to grow between other plants, able to move, bend, fit with others. Able to grow in any condition, with near to no source of water. Bright, strong, able.
I was that type. 

Plain, boring, wilting green, sickening white. As beautiful as a rose to some. A weed to others, a weed to most. Constant care. Struggling to stand out. Growing amongst plants more beautiful, more unique. Without anything but a cry to be pulled out, to be thrown away, to be left as nothing but a copy of another. Common, part of the crowd, wilting.
I am that type.

Dry. Dull yellows, dark browns. No luscious green, no pinks or white. Growing alone. In searing heat, with no water, struggling to hold on, but surviving. Thriving. Fragile to the touch, a single gust of wind and the petals fall to the ground, leaving nothing but a stem, a body with no soul. Slowly fading away in isolation. Barely surviving, dull, dying.
I will be that type.

Unless you save me. 

Ashley xox

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