Saturday, November 21, 2015


How's your week been? If you've had a pretty busy and hectic week, just keep in mind, there is only two weeks left of school, aaanndd thirty-three days until christmas!! So get excited because soon enough you'll have time to just sit back and relax over the holidays, maybe go down to the beach and enjoy the sun outside, while listening to all the christmas music you want! 
So to get through the last few busy busy weeks, here's a playlist i've put together with a few of my favourite chill songs at the moment. So grab a cup of tea, and a magazine, turn off the lights (or keep them on so you can still read...) and listen to some music :)

Ashley xox


Friday, November 06, 2015

Dress - Cotton On
Shoes - Rubi Shoes
Bracelets - Flux Universe

What a week it's been! Off to a very slow start with a four day weekend, waking up early on wednesday, thursday and firday was near impossible! The week seemed to drag on forever and the fact that we stayed behind at school for a performance until 9:30 made it an extremely tiring day. But thank god for the weekend, which will probably disappear before i know it, but at least i can enjoy some quiet lazy mornings and late movie watching nights for 2 days.

On another note, this grey maxi dress i got from Cotton On a little while back is absolutely stunning (and super comfy too) I've been wanting to get my hands on a dress like this for a while, but having freakishly long legs doesn't help, because everything is just that little bit too short. This dress however is the perfect length, not too long not too short, and the simple colour palette and black trim can make it easy to dress up or down.

Also i hope you've noticed these gorgeous bracelets that i got from the lovely Katia at Flux Universe. These two beautiful resin bracelets are the cherry on top of any outfit, the pattern of them, inspired by the fluidity of water is a lovely touch. Head over to her instagram page or etsy store if you'd like to grab your own or a different style (

Ashley xox


Sunday, November 01, 2015


I've been a bit slack recently with photo taking, as you can probably tell from the super similar and totally unoriginal photos i've been posting on my Instagram, @im.justashley, but however i do have a quick (if you count eight minutes as quick) little video for you all! 

Hope you've all had a spook-tacular Halloween, lots of love,

Ashley xox