Saturday, October 24, 2015


I've had a pretty hectic week (as you can probably tell by the mismatched collage i quickly put together down below) and so in between doing test revision, learning songs for presentation night, basketball, writing reports for the end of year magazine, trying to get my halloween costume together and pointless tumblr browsing (i'm addicted, send help) i put together this sort of 'Spring Wishlist', 'Halloween Feeling', 'Current Wants' collage of some pretty rad items i've come across, can you spot the pumpkin cupcake scented candle? :)

Also, to all you strange people who love Halloween, get excited because it's only 6 days away! (nooooo) can you tell that i'm just so pumped for all the horror movies, fake blood, trick or treaters and dress ups? (sorry to say, but i'm not) So strap yourselves in for a wild ride over these next few days, as all the classic and totally overplayed horror movies are played, along with pumpkin spice everything, and lots and lots of 'spooky' themed stuff.
(there is one thing that i do like about halloween, and that's the excuse to eat lots of candy, and listen to the spooky scary skeletons song.)


Ashley xox

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