Sunday, October 04, 2015

Choker - Ivy Designs
Top - H&M
Overalls - Factorie
Shoes - Rubi Shoes


What a week, well two weeks actually, the holidays have been so so relaxing, i've been riding my bike to and from the beach almost every day to sit on the sand and eat lunch which has been so calming, and one day i decided to take some photos to document my adventure.
It was a very sunny day (although the wind was quite chilly) and i sat down on the sand with my edamame and rice watching the windsurfers speeding past, getting splashed a few times when they came too close :) The worst part is... school starts tomorrow :( and i am so not ready to be sitting in a crowded school eating lunch instead of on the warm sand. (although i am looking forward to seeing some of my friends again!)

Hope you've all had a great few weeks of relaxation!

Ashley xox

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