Saturday, October 10, 2015

i decided to take off my jacket but it was waayyyy tooo cold!

Jacket - H&M
Tee - JayJays
Shorts - Universal Store (finders keepers label)

So the first week of term four is done and dusted, and i'm already missing the holidays so much (but that doesn't mean i've stopped procrastinating and aimlessly browsing the internet)
This is one of the blog posts that i shot over the break, there was nobody else at home so i went out onto the balcony, set up a tripod, put on some music and danced around while taking some quick photos before the rain came bucketing down only minutes after i had finished.
I am i love with these shorts at the moment, they're perfect for the warmer weather that we're having here in melbourne now, and the simple monochromatic colour palette make them easy to pair with any outfit! (also who doesn't love a good old pair of high waisted shorts)
Also because the weather has gradually been getting warmer i've been drinking a whole heap of iced tea (well more like lukewarm water tea) but trust me, you can still enjoy tea in spring! Here's just a few flavours that i've been loving at the moment,
Summer berry and passionfruit,
Watermelon sorbet,
Mint and Lime,
and peach tea.

Hope you're all having a great week, don't forget to drink some yummy tea!  
Ashley xox

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