Saturday, September 05, 2015

Jacket - Just Jeans, Leggings - Target, Knit - H&M, Shoes - Rubi Shoes


So i shot this blog post ages ago, on a cold, windy, winter evening, and sitting on the sand watching the sun set was a spectacular sight! Although warm jackets, knits and beanies can be great i'm so happy that winter is finally over and spring is here!
Spring had finally sprung, and the days are slowly starting to get warmer, which means going outdoors, more walks along the beach, and some really yummy seasonal fruit!
Also i back from school camp on Saturday and it was super fun! Even though it was super cold i had so much fun going on the flying foxes, abseiling, obstacle courses, high ropes course and of course, the dreaded drop slide, which i somehow convinced myself to go on!

Ashley xox

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