Friday, August 21, 2015

Hello! Whoops, it's been a while since i last posted.

Anyway, i've been a bit ill for the last couple of days, coughing and sneezing, laying in bed all day is not very fun, but thankfully a fun day out with my favourite two little fruit cups, Tia and Molly, was exactly what the doctor ordered.
We hopped on the train down to Ormond station and headed off in search for this cute cafe called Mr. Brightside (yes, like the song that those two wouldn't stop singing on the way there, hehe) On our way we found (probably) the coolest playground, and being us, of course we had to go on the swings and the bouncy grasshoppers and that weird spider web thing that so many playgrounds have, i don't really get what it is.
And then we found the cafe, and really needed a drink now!
Trust me when i say this, but this is one of the cutest cafes i think i've ever been to! The food there was so so tasty and the decor inside was to die for!
Molly settled on a bowl of chips and an iced coffee, and Tia and i somehow passed as under 12 year olds and were allowed to order off the kids menu so we got a mini burger, a fruit cup and a mixed berry smoothie.

It was a super fun day so i thought i'd share some photos with you al and turn it into a little blog post.

Jacket - H&M, Knit - Cotton On, Bag - Factorie, Leggings - Target, Shoes - Rubi Shoes.

Ashley xox

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