Saturday, August 01, 2015


Recently i have been love love loving smock dresses!
One of my favourites is the one i wore in one of my latest blog posts, Jacket on Jacket off click to go and check it out!
I got that dress from H&M, and have worn it to death! I've also got a tribal print dress from Dotti, a blain black one from Target, a navy blue one from Factorie and a beige collar one from
Can you tell i love smock dresses!
Even though this type of dress is mainly just for summer/autunm weather, when the sun is still up and there's only a slight breeze. But in winter just grab out a pair of black tights, a nice warm cardi, maybe a thick simple coloured scarf and a pair of boots and you're ready to go!
I'm planning a couple of OOTD's of how to wear these types of dresses in winter so keep your eyes peeled!

Sorry this post was a but short, i hope you're all loving smock dresses as much as i am!
Ash xox

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