Saturday, July 11, 2015

Top - H&M, shorts - Factorie, shoes - some small shop in Venice


Walking around Venice in my stripes tee (one of the many that I brought specially to wear in Venice) made me feel a little bit nautical, pair it with a straw boater and song long black pants and I could easily become a gondolier for the day, but it was way to hot to wear anything but shorts and t shirts! Being surrounded with water and seeing boats go past in every which way was a little strange, I mean who came up with the idea to go and build a city in the middle of the ocean! But it was a great experience, especially getting In a gondola at midnight for a tour around Venice, we were the only ones in the canals and it was soooo peaceful, and oh the gelato we ate was spectacular!
Hope you're all surviving the cold winter back home :)


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