Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hi everyone!

Do you ever have those days where you get a craving for a smoothie? A tasty fruity delicious smoothie in an adorable mason jar? Well if you are then i've got just the thing for you! Here is a recipe for a very delicious smoothie, or should i say, a berry delicious smoothie!
If you do make the smoothie make sure to send me a picture or tag me on instagram so i can see you all enjoying your delicious smoothies!

Here's what your going to need: 

Coconut water
Natural, no fat yoghurt
1x banana, or 2x small bananas
1 cup frozen mixed berries, or fresh berries if you prefer

1. So what you're going to do first is peel the bananas, chop them up, and squeeze a generous amount of honey ontop

2. Now you're going to add the berries and yoghurt, i used around 1 cup of berries and 2 scoops of yoghurt

3. Now add the coconut water and the milk, just add enough so that it almost covers the rest of the ingredients (depending on your own taste)

4. BLEND!!!!

5. Now for the finishing touch, a cute little mason jar is just perfect for smoothie drinking, plus it looks super cute!

And that's about it! It's as simple as that, just add the ingredients, blend, then drink and enjoy!

Ash xox

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