Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hello travellers!

As some of you may already know I'm travelling to italy for three weeks and i'm leaving on Friday (aka today) i'm super excited as this is the second time i've been overseas and the very first time that i've been to europe!

I'll try my best to keep you all updated with posts here on my blog and photos on my Instagram, @ashlleybell, hopefully i can show you all what i've been doing and maybe even shoot a few videos whilst i'm away.

Anyway, i've been watching so so many different videos about what to take with me in my suitecase, and especially what to bring in my carry on, aka my airport survival kit. So to share with you what i've seen, here's a post about what to pack in your carry on bag when going on a long flight :)

So this is the bag i am taking, i'll be using this bag to carry everything around with me when we explore italy, it's a small drawstring bag that i love to death! I've stuck a few badges on it and as you can probably see it's been used a fair few times, but it's the perfect size to take things around without it becoming too heavy.

I'll start with the technology...

-over ear headphones
-polaroid camera
-extra polaroid film (just in case)
-ds games
-ds charger
-phone charger
-and my phone, not in the picture but i'm not leaving without it!

You're probably wondering why i'm brining two pairs of headphones, but if theres one thing i've learnt from all the videos i've watched it is to bring two pairs, one over ear pair and one smaller in ear pair. This is because i find over era headphones comfortable for a while, but after a bit it starts to get uncomfortable, and when i'm trying to get to sleep i'd much rather a smaller pair of headphones :)

Next is my journalling kit...

-travel journal/notebook
-scissors (can't take in my carry on but i've still got a pair)
-a whole heap of colourful kikki.k pens
-puzzle books

I like to keep all of these things in one small pencil case, so nothing goes missing and everything stays neat and in the one place. I found this gold mesh pencil case from Typo and it was exactly what i needed, plus it's super cute!

Now for the random bits...

-hand wipes (panes are gross)
-comfy socks
-neck pillow
-snacks (milk duds)
-my other pair of headphones that i forgot to put in the technology photo

Enjoy the rest of school, and the cold cold winter weather :)

Ash xox

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