Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hello everyone!

So I've spent five days in Rome, looking at all the amazing ruins, hopping on and off the big red bus, dining at so many beautiful Italian restaurants and eating soo much gelato that I could burst! Now it's time to say goodbye to Rome and head off to our next destination, but before I go I've made a video for you all to enjoy about my time in Rome :)

Ash xox


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hello travellers!

As some of you may already know I'm travelling to italy for three weeks and i'm leaving on Friday (aka today) i'm super excited as this is the second time i've been overseas and the very first time that i've been to europe!

I'll try my best to keep you all updated with posts here on my blog and photos on my Instagram, @ashlleybell, hopefully i can show you all what i've been doing and maybe even shoot a few videos whilst i'm away.

Anyway, i've been watching so so many different videos about what to take with me in my suitecase, and especially what to bring in my carry on, aka my airport survival kit. So to share with you what i've seen, here's a post about what to pack in your carry on bag when going on a long flight :)

So this is the bag i am taking, i'll be using this bag to carry everything around with me when we explore italy, it's a small drawstring bag that i love to death! I've stuck a few badges on it and as you can probably see it's been used a fair few times, but it's the perfect size to take things around without it becoming too heavy.

I'll start with the technology...

-over ear headphones
-polaroid camera
-extra polaroid film (just in case)
-ds games
-ds charger
-phone charger
-and my phone, not in the picture but i'm not leaving without it!

You're probably wondering why i'm brining two pairs of headphones, but if theres one thing i've learnt from all the videos i've watched it is to bring two pairs, one over ear pair and one smaller in ear pair. This is because i find over era headphones comfortable for a while, but after a bit it starts to get uncomfortable, and when i'm trying to get to sleep i'd much rather a smaller pair of headphones :)

Next is my journalling kit...

-travel journal/notebook
-scissors (can't take in my carry on but i've still got a pair)
-a whole heap of colourful kikki.k pens
-puzzle books

I like to keep all of these things in one small pencil case, so nothing goes missing and everything stays neat and in the one place. I found this gold mesh pencil case from Typo and it was exactly what i needed, plus it's super cute!

Now for the random bits...

-hand wipes (panes are gross)
-comfy socks
-neck pillow
-snacks (milk duds)
-my other pair of headphones that i forgot to put in the technology photo

Enjoy the rest of school, and the cold cold winter weather :)

Ash xox


Sunday, June 07, 2015

Hello space cookies!

So my last 'what's on my iphone' post was very popular with all of you, it's one of my most viewed posts of all time and it was made last year so i thought it's about time to give you all an updated version of this post, some things will still be the same, but i've gotten rid of lots of useless apps and got so so many more games that are taking up a bit too much space on my phone, but i never seem to play them...
Here we go!

 So here's my lock screen, my background is the movie poster for Avengers Infinity War and even though part 1 comes out in 2018 it's never too early to get excited, and who doesn't love the Avengers!? (that was a rhetorical question, if you don't love the Avengers just don't answer that)

Anyway, then once you unlock my phone you get to the home screen, my background here is a photo i took of a wall in my bedroom, it's probably my favourite wall too!
So on my home screen iv'e got 4 different folders;
fun fun fun
And down the bottom i've put two of the apps i use the most, camera and instagram (@ashlleybell follow me!) The rest of the apps i haven't put into folders are some of the ones that i use tons also, just necessary ones like phone, clock, calendar so on... 

This is my first folder: fun fun fun, i just put all of my games into the one folder so when i'm bored i know where to go! I have so so so many games on my phone, because you can never have too many games, and even though it may take up sooo mcuh space on my phone, at least i'll never be bored!
In this folder i have;
GBOD (giant bolder of death)
Phases - best game ever, you need to try this one out
Cut the Rope - who remembers this game!
Heads Up - another awesome game that everyone should try
Doodle snake
Circle - annoys me so much but i love it!

 Yes theres more games...
Smash Hit
Flappy Bird - i'm never ever deleting this game, even though i don't play it anymore...
Minecraft - :)
Folt - another great time consuming puzzle game
Plague Inc. - with this game you can safely infect the world with a highly contagious disease, fun!

And theres more... (I promise that these are the last games, i'll get onto the actual good apps soon)
Subway Surfers
Piano Tiles - beat my highscore 364
More cut the rope games... i just love the little green guy!
Stick Hero
2 Cars - another super annoying game but it's super fun too

Alright, now onto the good apps, this folder consists of my favourite and most frequently used apps, i have it down the bottom next to instagram and camera. This folder mainly has all the different social media apps i have, editing apps (that i no longer use, but they make the folder look full) youtube, and music
Pinterest - everyone who's anyone has pinterest, don't forget to follow me
Snapchat - don't really use it but oh well i've still got it in case :)
Aviary - just one of the editing apps i don't use
Music - is it bad that i've got 230 songs...
Youtube - look up my channel: ImJustAshley
Afterlight - the other editing app i don't use
Gmail - pretty self explanatory
Twitter - follow me: @__psychonaut
(i've just noticed that explaining about this folder is mainly me just telling you all of my social media accounts... FOLLOW ME)
Smiling Mind - this app is like a meditiation helper. I'm not that great with sitting in the one spot for a while to calm down, but this app os super helpful! There's a voiceover guide that stops your mind from wondering off topic and helps you to just lay down or sit there calmly

This is my next folder called ??, it mainly consists of all the apps i never use but apple prevents me from deleting them, seriously who uses Passbook and voice memos. 
Dear apple, please let me delete these useless apps, they are taking up space that i need for more games and music, sincerely ash.

Ok so this is the very last folder i have on my phone. Just like my other folder full of un-deletable apps this one is full of those i just don't use or need, but feel as though i can't get rid of them.
In this folder i have:
Mail - 44 unread emails, whoops
Google Maps
Followers - i found this app and it's great! It may sound strange, but this app allows you to see who follows you, who has unfollowed you, who you don't follow back and so on. Surprisingly I use it quite a lot and it's one of those apps that helps me keep on top of my social media accounts
Pic Collage - this app is a brilliant free photo collage maker, it's really simple to use and theres so many different things you can use it for. There's some really cute overlays and stickers and backgrounds and everything you could want to make an adorable collage!
Squaready - got a photo you want to post but it's not a square? Well then this app is for you! It's just a simple sort of background maker for photos, you can put any picture into the app and turn it into a square with any coloured background (i used it to make my lock screen)
Moves - i turn this app on every day, it counts your steps and can calculate how many calories you've burnt and how far you've walked, where you've walked and so on... its really great!
Seven - totally forgot i have this app! I'm not too sure why i kept it, i don't use it, time to delete this one!!

Hope you've enjoyed this update of what's on my iphone!
Ash xox


Friday, June 05, 2015

Hello little frozen snowflakes!
Well winter is back, back again, which means it's time to rug up in twenty layers of clothes and permanently have an umbrella by your side. Then come home and snuggle up in bed with some steaming hot tea and a good book, or a marvel-lous movie (the avengers!) 

I shot this blogpost on a very dull and rainy day last month (hence the extreme brightness effects) when it was still quite warm inside, not cold enough to lay under the covers all day, but too cold to step outside!

This has to be one of the longest OOTD introductions ever! So I'm going to let you all take a peek at the pictures, enjoy!

wearing: dress-cottonon, long sleeve tee-supre

Ash xox