Friday, May 29, 2015

Hi all!

I've got a very very exciting post for today, and although it might be a bit late (i may or may not have totally forgotten to celebrate this) i'd just like to say a massive thank you to all of you for getting me to where i am today, as my blog, formerly known as Inhale Grace Blog and Echoed Blog, turns 1!
I was meant to post this on the 18th of May when i actually did open up my blog and uploaded my very first blog post, but being me, i though that i had started it in June and forgot to do anything for the 18th!
I'm going to keep this short as i've got something for you all to watch down below, but thank you so so so much for all sticking with me and watching my videos and checking out my blog posts, i've grown so much as a blogger since i started and now have over 5,600 views on my blog, all thanks to you guys!
So to celebrate one whole year of posting pictures, OOTD after OOTD, lots of DIY's, wishlists, mixtapes, hauls, colabs and Q + A's i've made a short video, i really hope you enjoy it!

Ash xox

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