Monday, April 27, 2015

Hello my favourite star gazers!

So i was scrolling through my camera roll to find some photos that i could put together for a quick blog post, because the weather has been so so horrible and rainy i haven't been able to go outside for five minutes before it started to bucket down again! Luckily i stumbled across about seven or eight photos that i had taken for my instagram (@ashlleybell) ages ago, the 29th march to be exact! And just to jazz them up a bit i decided to play around with photoshop to transform some pretty boring pictures into some pretty colourful snaps! Also i'm sorry about my terrible hand writing
So here you are, just a few photos for this weeks blog post that i took one rainy day in march...

wearing: shirt - jayjays, jeans - target, cardigan - target, necklace - factorie

Stand in front of a mirror and smile


Saturday, April 25, 2015

Hello autumn lovers!

Today i've got a special tag blog post for all of you! I really loved answering all of these questions, especially because autumn in my favourite season, and i hope that you all enjoy this post.

I tag anyone who reads this blog post!

Favourite thing about Autumn?

I love the changing colours, the bright and vibrant greenery of summer transforming into the more subtle shades of read, yellow and brown. I also love the chilly mornings that turn into sunny afternoons, so waking up early and rugging up to face the outdoors might not be the best thing, but hey, it's totally worth it to be able to sit outside in the warm sun in the afternoons.

Favourite drink?

Peppermint tea. I don't know why, but i've been craving peppermint tea a lot recently, i just like the feeling of having some tasty tea in my avengers mug whilst listening to music snuggled up in bed with lots of blankets and pillows. That is my perfect autumn day. 

Favourite candle?

At the moment it would have to be my Glasshouse Fragrances mimosa and wild apple scented candle, it's not very autumny but it's one of my favourite scents and i just love coming home to light my candle and fill my room with the scents of mimosa and wild apple :)

Best Lipstick?

To be completely honest, i’m not a massive lipstick person, but i have to say that for this month i absolutely love anything dark, like a dark red or maroon colour. I think these types of colours really suit my skin tone, rather than pale pinks and corals, and work well with any autumn outfit.

Go to moisturiser?

I've been using the same old moisturiser for ages now, and although it has a very complex name, it smells super delicious that i could eat my hands off (yes it smells that good) It's my Le Jardin De Provence aromatic hand cream in the scent sweet pea. i got it as a prize form a trivia night lat year and have used it soooooo much, i really need to find where to get another one! 

Go to colours for the eyes?

I'm not a huge fan of wearing eye shadow, but i would say anything light or brown,  the more natural looking colours. I don't really know?

Favourite band or singer?

I love listening to  music when i'm snuggled up in bed on the cold weekend mornings in autumn, with an avengers mug of warm tea sitting beside me, and a couple of books to read. I like more fast paced music (if that makes any sense) although in autumn i'd select a few from my phone that a slightly softer sound, well not really but i try.
* favourite autumn song: There, There by The Wonder Years *

Favourite outfit to wear?

When i'm at home it would have to be a comfy pair of trackies with a sweater and some fluffy socks.
Outside of home i'd be wearing some black skinny jeans (typical) paired with any plain coloured tee / anything with stripes, underneath my slightly too small denim jacket, then some cute patterned socks sticking out the top of my black boots.

Favourite place to be?

In bed with a cup of peppermint tea, a good book, loud music, nice smelling candles, sweet pea moisturiser, maroon lipstick, natural coloured eye shadow, wearing trackies with fluffy socks and a sweater. Basically this whole blog post put together.


Saturday, April 25, 2015

School tomorrow. Oh no.

wearing: top - topshop, skirt - h&m

I guess i'll at least have something to do now that school is back. To be honest, i find the holidays just a little bit boring, there's nothing to do except lay in bed all day, watch Pokémon episodes one after the other and drink nice cold glasses of tea, seeing as its still summer to me.
* iced tea recommendation: Fruitalicious T2 tea *
This year has flown by so quickly for me already, it's April already...? What happened to February?
Also, i've been working on a different type of blog post that should be up very soon, it's taken me a while to put together so i hope you enjoy it! (p.s. my little shop may be making an appearance in the post)
I hope that all of you have had a great holiday,

Q + A?

Saturday, April 04, 2015

So a couple of days ago i decided to sit down, turn on my camera, and film a video answering some of the questions that i found whilst scrolling through my Instagram page. I'm terrible at answering all your questions and responding to your comments so i thought that it as about time i answered all of them!
Some of these questions i found from my first Q + A blog post, where i asked you guys if you had any questions for me to answer, and i thought it might be a good idea to re-answer them along with the rest of the questions.
(i use the word questions too much)