Saturday, March 28, 2015

Hello again!

So last night i decided to sit down and write up a quick blog post, i'm trying to start posting once a week again and hadn't planned anything to post for this weekend, so i've put together a 'currently' post. It's just a short post to let you all know what i've been up to recently, what music i've been listening to, what i've been wearing.... enjoy!

I really want to read more this year (although i've only finished one book since the start of January) but it's always hard to find the perfect book to read. I've been picking up lots of different books, flipping through a couple pages, then putting them back on the shelf, although i think that i've found the right book for me. 'To Kill a Mockingbird' is a book written by Harper Lee, it's a beautiful classic novel that was suggested to me by my mum (thanks mum!) i haven't been able to put it down yet! I'm nearly at the end of the book though, so if anyone has any good book suggestions please let me know! 

I've added more than 100 songs to my Spotify library this year! I've really started to enjoy listening to music more and more, i'm even listening to music writing this post! I find listening to music a good 'escape' and although i find it hard to concentrate when listening to music i do find that it can help when studying or putting together blog posts! I've put together a small list of songs down below for you to get a taste of what i've been loving at the moment.

Currently, i have been loving to create new things. Just this year i've made a short inter galactic stop motion film, an amazing out of this world backpack that i painted myself, a whole galaxy of tiny planets, around five or six strange stories that i can't explain, and many many more things. I just love taking the time to sit down and create something with my own two hands, or just taking a moment to flip to a new page in my notebook and write down a story that i never knew i could write.

Because it's getting colder now, i've started to put away all my t-shirts, singlets and shorts, and i've gotten out my jeans, long sleeve tops and jumpers. Currently, my go-to outfit would be a pair of plain black skinny jeans / leggings paired with a graphic tee or nice, thick knit. I've built up my collection of patterned socks as well, after i bought a pair of clear plastic boots, i've been looking for more cute socks that i can wear with them, so you can see the patterns through the shoes. I've got almost every single type of patterned socks you could think of, spotty socks, floral socks, socks with doughnuts, socks with frills......

Currently, i've been obsessed with Pokemon. Finally the school holidays are here, and i can lie in bed all day with my laptop, watching multiple episodes of Pokemon until 10pm at night. That is my plan for the holidays, wake up, watch Pokemon, sleep, repeat. I'm only up to episode 10 (i think) so i've got a long, long, long, way to go,  but at least i've got something to keep my entertained over the two weeks of no school!

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