Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hello, ello, ello!

What's the time? It's Q + A time! (i'm so lame)

@itstymadden24 asks what’s your favourite singer and favourite song from them?
My favourite singer at the moment would be Phillip Phillips, and easily my favourite song of his would be Home

@itstymadden24 also asks what’s your favourite thing to blog about?
Well there’s a lot of things that I like to write about, but one of my favourite types of posts to do would be OOTD posts, I don’t really know why I mean I like looking at other OOTD's, and I guess it’s just fun to go outside and take some pretty pictures!

@lucyy.poole asks what’s the best website for a blog?
I’ve only tried using Blogger to start my blog and it’s really easy to set up and customize and look a stats and write posts, so if you’re going to start a blog use blogger

@lucyy.poole also asks what’s your favourite band?
I buy so so many things from Factorie, from shoes to shorts, totes to tees, they sell anything and everything that is amazing!

@earthed.soul asks would you rather be in pain all the time or be anxious all the time?

@the.new.blur asks why did you start blogging?
I think I’ve answered this question so many times already but lots of other people in my year 7 class owned a blog and to me it just looked like something I wanted to try out, and I loved it!

@the.new.blur also asks why did you start vlogging?
Boredom, and I wanted to try something new

@beccaandbea asks what’s your favourite outfit?
Actually my favourite outfit would probably be my BooHoo collar dress, paired with my white Miss Shop shoes :)

@beccaandbea also asks what’s your favourite piece of clothing?
(holds up silver birks) these shoes are my all time favourite thing in my wardrobe, even though in my last q+a I said that I hated birks, I have made an exception for these cute silver ones

@beccaandbea also asks what’s your favourite song on the 1989 album?
So I recently bought Taylor Swifts 1989 album and I have been listening to it non stop! My favourite song is easily Of The Woods

@beccaandbea also asks what are your top accounts on instagram?
I get most of my inspiration from these five amazing people @hollydainty, @miaaputtick, @broookereid, @dominiqueniko, and @freshlypickked

@lucypoole asks what are your top 4 clothes shops? 
Factorie would have to be number 1, then Jay Jays number 2, I’d say Cotton On number 3, then H&M as number 4

Thanks for watching the video, and having a read of this quick Q + A, I'll definatley be doing another Q + A soon, so keep a look out on my Instagram (@ashlleybell) because i'll be asking you guys for more questions very soon!



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