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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Goodmorning, Goodafternoon, Goodnight
2014. Where did you go! Is it only me, or does it still feel like 2012? So to end 2014 i've decided to put together a blog post that i've called "A-Z OF 2014" which was a really fun post to make! I went back through all of my photos, old blog posts, and holiday journals to try and find out all of the fun things I did in 2014, and I found so many that I decided to make a whole blog post about it! And that's where the idea for an a-z of... came from. Enjoy!

A is for Adventures
And I went on quite a few last year! From little adventures along the beach, to weekends away in the countryside, exploring new places and finding new and interesting things make all my adventures in 2014 memorable.

B is for Birthday
And I turned the big one-three! I had my birthday on the best day of the year, Pancake Tuesday, and what better way to celebrate it than having a big get together with all of my close friends at The Pancake Parlour!

C is for Chopping of my hair
Twice, in fact! From having really long hair, to having mid - length hair, to just chopping off ponytail the completely, 2014 seemed to be the year of change. The year when I finally plucked up enough courage to cut my hair short, like short - short, and it's left me thinking, why didn't I do this sooner!

D is for Day trips
To the beach, the country and the city, it was great spending the day out and about many many times in 2014. Just relaxing, swimming, shopping and exploring with my family and friends in so many new and exciting places.

E is for Everything
What a year it's been! Everything that has happened in 2014 was memorable for me, wether I remember it for a good reason, or a not so good reason, everything in this past year will stick with me.

F is for Fro-Yo and friends
I just couldn't choose between the two! On nice sunny days, enjoying a nice, ice cold cup of frozen yoghurt was a great and tasty way to pass the time. And spending fun times with my friends was also a great, but not so tasty way, to pass the time.

G is for Great moments
And i've had a lot of these in 2014, starting high school, getting a dog, meeting new people, exploring new places, travelling, swimming and having a ball! The list goes on and on and on, so many things have happened and so many great moments have been shared.

H is for Holidays
Not just spending the day in a new place, staying for two days, a week, a month, a year (maybe not that long) in a different surrounding was memorable. Tucking up in a different bed, eating breakfast at a different table, finding my way back to a different home after a long day, it's always fun to take a break.

I is for Inhale Grace Blog
The beginning of it all! When I first started out my blog I called it Inhale Grace Blog, and got a lot of people asking me if my name was Grace! But that was the start of the new and improved Echoed Blog, which all begun back in May 2014, it was the start to a whole new world of opportunities.
J is for Jasper
My adorable little something or other! We don't actually know what type of dog he is, but the little white bundle of mischief has become a real member of the family, and sooner or later, he'll be turning two!

K is for Kiwi fruit
Totally irrelevant but oh well! I got a bit stuck trying to think of something that begun with the letter K, the only words that came to mind were, king, key, kangaroo, and kiwi fruit!

L is for Lunching and Brunching
And i've lunched and brunched on so many goof foods in 2014. I've had pastas and pizzas, roasts and rice dishes, salads and sushi, but nothing could compare to my all time favourite dish of 2014, as boring as it may sound, my favourite dish of 2014 would have to be the smoked salmon bagel.

M is for Movies
And we've had quite a few good ones this year! Guardians of the Galaxy, Maleficent, Mockingjay, The Fault in Our Stars, Divergent, Captain America-The Winter Solider and If I stay to name a few. 2014 has produced some pretty great movies!

N is for No Idea
I've got no idea what to put here for the letter N, so let's just keep going and skip to the letter O instead :)

O is for OOTD's
And i've posted 11 outfit of the day's in 2014. Denim + Stripes, Charmed, Print, Styling Boyfriend Jeans + Part 1, Skirts in Spring + Ivy Designs, Styling Boyfriend Jeans + Part 2, Some fun, Henry, Got a Secret, Revealed and Pop! It's been really fun making these sorts of posts. 

P is for Polaroids
And a lot of these were taken in 2014! At birthday parties, sleepovers, day trips and more, a Polaroid picture is a great way to keep a fun and exciting memory, plus they look really really cute on display!

Q is for Quotes
And these are just a few of my favourites from 2014.
R is for RIP to my watermelon friend
Mmmmmm OK so i'm starting to run out of ideas, but oh well, who doesn't want to see pics of the smallest watermelon ever.

S is for Sunsets
Sunsets on the beach, what a great way to finish off a long day, a swim at the beach, then sit on the sand and watch the sun go down, taking some cute pictures, and just enjoying the wonderful colour display that the sky has to offer, going down in a ray of beautiful reds, oranges, pinks and purples.

T is for Trends
According to Vogue, these are The Top 10 Trends That Shaped 2014 :)
One earring, all - in - ones, head - to - toe knits, frayed denim, faux fur, designer sneakers, hard-sided lady bags (don't even ask me what that is, I have no clue) miniskirts, mod boots and shearling (?) Apparently this is a perfect summary of fashion in 2014??

U is for Upside down
I really couldn't think of anything else, so enjoy a coupe of upside down pictures!
V is for Very hard to think of something that starts with V

W is for Weird things i do with my arms
Can you tell that i've run out of ideas.

X is for X X - X I V
I'm pretty sure that says 20 - 14 in roman numerals...

Y is for YOU! 
I couldn't of done all of this without you! You all reading my blog, following my social media accounts, giving me feedback, tips and tricks, helping me to grow to where I am now in 2015, none of this would of been possible without all of your help and support!

Z is for Ze end! 
2014 has been a fun, slightly strange, wonderful, exciting, memorable, awkward, adventure - filled year that has flown by so very quickly, and guess what? It's nearly the end of January, already! School is starting up again very soon, but i'm the type of person who loves school, and i'm really looking forward to going back to school and starting year 8!
Describe 2014 in 5 words:

'I hope 2015 is better'

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