Saturday, December 26, 2015


So I had planned for this weeks post to be an fashion post, but my laptop has been messing up and won't let me upload any photos! But don't worry, as soon as I get back home after our vacay up in Daylesford I'll upload the photos and everything will run smoothly again! So for now, here's a little slab of writing I did one night, not too sure if this makes any sense or not (I don't trust how reliable overtired Ash's writing skills are) but that aside, hope you enjoy it.

Seaside daisy. I was that type. 
Common daisy. I am that type
Paper daisy. I will be that type.

Bright, full of life, luscious greens, pinks, whites and yellow. Able to grow between other plants, able to move, bend, fit with others. Able to grow in any condition, with near to no source of water. Bright, strong, able.
I was that type. 

Plain, boring, wilting green, sickening white. As beautiful as a rose to some. A weed to others, a weed to most. Constant care. Struggling to stand out. Growing amongst plants more beautiful, more unique. Without anything but a cry to be pulled out, to be thrown away, to be left as nothing but a copy of another. Common, part of the crowd, wilting.
I am that type.

Dry. Dull yellows, dark browns. No luscious green, no pinks or white. Growing alone. In searing heat, with no water, struggling to hold on, but surviving. Thriving. Fragile to the touch, a single gust of wind and the petals fall to the ground, leaving nothing but a stem, a body with no soul. Slowly fading away in isolation. Barely surviving, dull, dying.
I will be that type.

Unless you save me. 

Ashley xox


Friday, December 11, 2015

(wow what creative blog titling ash)
(and what creative photo rotating ash)


Okay i'll be the one to say it, i have been super lazy with posting on here and on my Instagram. Well i haven't posted for twenty-one days to be exact. I know i know, i should really be more on top of all this, but... i'm going to blame that on tumblr.

I've been uninspired and out of creativity for twenty-one days now, and my blog and Insta are looking a bit drab, so when i woke up this morning (at 1:42pm) i grabbed out my laptop, opened up blogger, and started to write this post. Lets hope it's any good.

Anyway, this week i've got something a bit different, very different actually. I've been wanting to post something like this for a while but was unsure if anyone would be interested in reading it, to be honest, i'm still not very sure. I love thinking up new ideas of different content to upload to my blog, but have never got around to doing any of them, so i've just kept up with all the fashion posts, monthly favourites, playlists, diy's, wish lists, daily vlogs etc. and i'm even boring myself with my content!

So I've decided to start a new, sort of series, on my blog with some short stories, poems, and any other pieces of writing i've done. This might just be a once off, but let's just see how it goes, so here it is, my first little piece of 3am word vomit;

Silence. Bliss. 
Laced fingers. A soft kiss.
Cold feet. Gentle embrace.
Sound. Awakening. Heart begins to race.
Eyelids heavy.
Hands sweaty.
Louder, gaining momentum. Worry.
Eyes open, vision blurry.
Two people, two of the same.
Love nevertheless, no shame.
Different name.
Dark getting darker, light getting lighter.
Hands hold tighter. Easing.
Lips brush past each other, pleasing.
Fallen in love with a heart that beats slow.
A heart only one will ever know.
Raging sound. Fear.
Outcome, unclear.
Images of quiet nights.
Painted in black and white.
Colour drained out.
Replaced with doubt.
Body shaking.
Muscles aching.
Pulling away. Alone.
Without a rhythm.
Without the heart beat.
Curled up, knees tucked in.
Too long since the last kiss.
The last embrace.
Too long since the familiar warmth.
Only the emptiness now felt.
Alone. Alone.
The darkest dark still getting darker.
Defining sound. Overwhelming.
Eyes closed tight.
Drowning in dark behind eyelids.
Hands pressed over ears.
Damp pillow.
Light. Gentle.
A soft kiss, careful.
Pulling away.
Eyes open, day.
Listening. Silence.
Holding hands, lips moving fast, guidance.
Tangled sheets.
Again complete.
Silence. Bliss. 
Laced fingers. A soft kiss.

Ashley xox


Saturday, November 21, 2015


How's your week been? If you've had a pretty busy and hectic week, just keep in mind, there is only two weeks left of school, aaanndd thirty-three days until christmas!! So get excited because soon enough you'll have time to just sit back and relax over the holidays, maybe go down to the beach and enjoy the sun outside, while listening to all the christmas music you want! 
So to get through the last few busy busy weeks, here's a playlist i've put together with a few of my favourite chill songs at the moment. So grab a cup of tea, and a magazine, turn off the lights (or keep them on so you can still read...) and listen to some music :)

Ashley xox


Friday, November 06, 2015

Dress - Cotton On
Shoes - Rubi Shoes
Bracelets - Flux Universe

What a week it's been! Off to a very slow start with a four day weekend, waking up early on wednesday, thursday and firday was near impossible! The week seemed to drag on forever and the fact that we stayed behind at school for a performance until 9:30 made it an extremely tiring day. But thank god for the weekend, which will probably disappear before i know it, but at least i can enjoy some quiet lazy mornings and late movie watching nights for 2 days.

On another note, this grey maxi dress i got from Cotton On a little while back is absolutely stunning (and super comfy too) I've been wanting to get my hands on a dress like this for a while, but having freakishly long legs doesn't help, because everything is just that little bit too short. This dress however is the perfect length, not too long not too short, and the simple colour palette and black trim can make it easy to dress up or down.

Also i hope you've noticed these gorgeous bracelets that i got from the lovely Katia at Flux Universe. These two beautiful resin bracelets are the cherry on top of any outfit, the pattern of them, inspired by the fluidity of water is a lovely touch. Head over to her instagram page or etsy store if you'd like to grab your own or a different style (http://katiaksr.virb.com/flux-universe-on-etsy)

Ashley xox


Sunday, November 01, 2015


I've been a bit slack recently with photo taking, as you can probably tell from the super similar and totally unoriginal photos i've been posting on my Instagram, @im.justashley, but however i do have a quick (if you count eight minutes as quick) little video for you all! 

Hope you've all had a spook-tacular Halloween, lots of love,

Ashley xox



Saturday, October 24, 2015


I've had a pretty hectic week (as you can probably tell by the mismatched collage i quickly put together down below) and so in between doing test revision, learning songs for presentation night, basketball, writing reports for the end of year magazine, trying to get my halloween costume together and pointless tumblr browsing (i'm addicted, send help) i put together this sort of 'Spring Wishlist', 'Halloween Feeling', 'Current Wants' collage of some pretty rad items i've come across, can you spot the pumpkin cupcake scented candle? :)

Also, to all you strange people who love Halloween, get excited because it's only 6 days away! (nooooo) can you tell that i'm just so pumped for all the horror movies, fake blood, trick or treaters and dress ups? (sorry to say, but i'm not) So strap yourselves in for a wild ride over these next few days, as all the classic and totally overplayed horror movies are played, along with pumpkin spice everything, and lots and lots of 'spooky' themed stuff.
(there is one thing that i do like about halloween, and that's the excuse to eat lots of candy, and listen to the spooky scary skeletons song.)


Ashley xox


Saturday, October 10, 2015

i decided to take off my jacket but it was waayyyy tooo cold!

Jacket - H&M
Tee - JayJays
Shorts - Universal Store (finders keepers label)

So the first week of term four is done and dusted, and i'm already missing the holidays so much (but that doesn't mean i've stopped procrastinating and aimlessly browsing the internet)
This is one of the blog posts that i shot over the break, there was nobody else at home so i went out onto the balcony, set up a tripod, put on some music and danced around while taking some quick photos before the rain came bucketing down only minutes after i had finished.
I am i love with these shorts at the moment, they're perfect for the warmer weather that we're having here in melbourne now, and the simple monochromatic colour palette make them easy to pair with any outfit! (also who doesn't love a good old pair of high waisted shorts)
Also because the weather has gradually been getting warmer i've been drinking a whole heap of iced tea (well more like lukewarm water tea) but trust me, you can still enjoy tea in spring! Here's just a few flavours that i've been loving at the moment,
Summer berry and passionfruit,
Watermelon sorbet,
Mint and Lime,
and peach tea.

Hope you're all having a great week, don't forget to drink some yummy tea!  
Ashley xox


Sunday, October 04, 2015

Choker - Ivy Designs
Top - H&M
Overalls - Factorie
Shoes - Rubi Shoes


What a week, well two weeks actually, the holidays have been so so relaxing, i've been riding my bike to and from the beach almost every day to sit on the sand and eat lunch which has been so calming, and one day i decided to take some photos to document my adventure.
It was a very sunny day (although the wind was quite chilly) and i sat down on the sand with my edamame and rice watching the windsurfers speeding past, getting splashed a few times when they came too close :) The worst part is... school starts tomorrow :( and i am so not ready to be sitting in a crowded school eating lunch instead of on the warm sand. (although i am looking forward to seeing some of my friends again!)

Hope you've all had a great few weeks of relaxation!

Ashley xox


Sunday, September 27, 2015


It's a new month which means time for another favourites video, so here's a few of the things that i've been loving during the past month, hope you enjoy!
Also don't forget to subscribe to my channel to see when i upload and check out my other monthly favourites videos, click here to go to my channel.

Here's all the things i've been loving:
The Help, by Kathryn Stockett
Life in Outer Space, by Melissa Keil
The 'Care' products - Treat with care + Care 4 ends
Revlon lipstick in the shade Primrose, 668
Tetley, Peach with a squeeze of orange tea
EXO, BigBang, BTS, Perfume, SHINee
Attack on Titan, Free!, Haikyuu, Full Metal Alchemist, Sword Art Online, Big Windup, Yomamushi Pedal, Kuroko no Basket

Ashley xox


Sunday, September 20, 2015

Top - H&M
Jeans - Target
Shoes - Rubi Shoes


Isn't this the most mismatched, unorganised, strangely edited collection of photos you ever seen? Well it's all i managed to take from my adventure today, soooooo, you can probably tell that i may or may not have forgotten all about taking photos. But i had a great day, we set off early in the morning and stopped off for a super healthy breakfast of hashbrowns and hot cakes at McDonalds, then continued on our way to the country town of Daylesford, where we enjoyed the nice sunny day exploring the sunday markets, flicking through many hundreds of books, eating the tastiest grilled chicken burgers ever, and eating ice cream.
Finally it's the holidays!
So expect more, hopefully better organised, blog posts coming soon!

Ashley xox


Sunday, September 13, 2015

Top - Supre, Jeans - H&M, Shoes and socks- Factorie, Bag - unknown

So here's another long overdue blog post about a fun day out with my friends, Molly, Molly, Tia and Maya (it was before i went on holiday, which just goes to show how much i procrastinate... whoops)
The five of us rode down to the park on scooters and bikes and even though we were one bike short we still all made it there in one piece, it is possible to fit two people on one bike.
I tried to film a bit about our day with little sucsess, my camera battery died almost instantly so all i managed to caputre was some sweet tree climbing action so if you'd like to check that out don't forget to click play on the video! And while you're at it why not go and subscribe to my channel to see some of my other videos, to do that click here!

Have a great week, and remember... There's only one week left until the holidays!
Ashley xox