Sunday, December 28, 2014

Good morning / afternoon / night 

So I've got some exciting news! I've been wanting to start up a YouTube channel for AGES but didn't know where to begin, and i've been thinking up so many different idea but have never been able to choose one that really sounded like a lot of fun to film and upload. Then on the 28th of December I spontaneously decided to get out my old camera and film a daily vlog!
After all the filming and editing was finished i got stuck trying to think u a good name for my channel, something that hadn't been already taken, and something that was a bit different (weirdly enough i though of my channel name in the shower... yeah don't think you needed to know that) but the name 'After Ashlea' just kinda popped into my head! By the way, my name is actually spelt Ashley but for some strange reason i just liked this spelling more!
 Now I know it's not the best quality (I got this camera when I was 7 years old) but it still does the job, and so I present to you 
My Very First Vlog!

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