Saturday, November 22, 2014

Tee + Target, Skirt + Target, Henry + Coles (idk why I included that...)

So mum and I went grocery shopping yesterday, yeah I know, BORING. But really, in a matter of seconds, as soon as we walked through the doors, this shopping trip turned from boring with a capitol B, to tremendous with a capitol T. All because I spotted Henry.

You may be wondering who 'Henry' actually is. Well, Henry is my teeny weeny watermelon! 
Yes I know, it's a bit weird that I named it, but isn't he just the cutest! 
But Henry's life was short-lived, as I ended up eating him for breakfast with some 5am yogurt the very next day... 
RIP Henry, you will be missed.

Let's not end this on a bad note though, there's only 7 days of school left!
(maybe not for everyone, but at my school, there's only seven whole days left!)
I can't believe how quickly the year has gone for me, although one this does scare me about next year... I'm going to be in year 8.
It feels like yesterday to me that me and my friends walked through the school gates on our very first day of year 7, our bags overloaded with textbooks, and our very own laptops. I can still remember getting our locks for the first time, and the struggle of opening and closing our lockers after every subject. 
It only feels like yesterday. And It's already November.

Lots of watermelony love,
Ashley x x

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