What's on my iPhone?

Friday, October 17, 2014

Hi lovelies!

I saw this type of pst done on Chestnutt Blog and on Freshlly Pressed and decided to do my own 'What's on my iPhone post' !

I take all of my photos for my blog and Instagram on my iPhone, and I have sorted all of my apps into different folders like photos, games and health. For all the apps which I'm pretty sure not many people have heard of I've put a description and the others, like Pinterest, I've just listed below. Enjoy! 

So here's my homescreen, I've just put all the extra utility apps which I don't use in a folder and the rest of them i've just left as is

Down the bottom I have the apps I use the most, and then a folder of other social media apps and editing apps

In my 'Life' folder


We Heart It \ \ it's just like Pinterest, got so many gorgeous photos! I love using We Heart It to find cute GIF's because there's so many great quality cute GIF's and pics there!

Aviary \ \  one of the editing apps i use for my photos, works really well and it's so simple to use! It's also a really good one to get because it's free!

Afterlight \ \ the other great editing app i use for all my photos, although you do have to pay for this one it's still really good, a bit harder to use at first though! I love both of my editing apps though! I don't use it on all my photos though, mainly on the photos i take at night so they are nice and bright

Here's what's in my 'Utilities' folder

Google Maps
New Emoji

Font Maker \ \ great little font to use because of all the cute free fonts on it! Free app which i use a lot mainly for my bio's and contact names

Just Unfollow \ \ this is the app i use to see who has unfollowed me so I can unfollow them ;) I also use it to check up on my most active followers so i can give them some love back! 

Better Fonts \ \ another app that's just like Font Maker, but it's got so many more free fonts that you can use! I used this app to create all the titles for my folders, how cute are they!

Monogram Lite \ \ (I've actually deleted this app now because it didn't work, i took the photos before i tired it out) 

In my 'Health' folder

H&F Age
Lorna Jane

Headspace \ \ it's a meditation app i have, i turn it on before i go to sleep just to wind down and relax after a tough day, there are so many different types of meditation and relaxation voice-overs that you can play, and it almost feels like the voice-over is there!

Smiling Mind \ \ another meditation app i use, but this one is more like a journal, you record about your day, the highs and lows, then you answer a few questions like, are you feeling tired or not or if you're feeling tuned in or tuned out. The it plays a certain meditation voice-over depending on your answers!

I found both of my wallpapers on Pinterest, 
they are so cute and look great on my phone!

Until next time,
Ashley xo

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