Ivy Designs Video

Friday, October 31, 2014


About a mont or two ago I opened up a small Instagram boutique, selling beautiful hand made + hand painted clay necklaces

So far it's going swimmingly! I've made 8 sales, including one to NWS, and am slowly getting more and more noticed online

But I'm pretty sure this is the first time that I've made a whole post about my store, and so I thought, why not show all you guys a bit more about my shop, and why not put it all into my very first blogging video!

So I am very excited to present to you, my very first video about my small Instagram boutique, Ivy Designs! Enjoy...

Instagram - @ivy.designs
Music: Gone, gone, gone by Phillip Phillips

Sorry about the fuzziness of the video.

Until next time,
Ash X

Styling Boyfriend Jeans + Part 2

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Heeellllooo everyone,

So I'me pretty sure you remember part 1 of this 2 part series that I made for my friend Shelby's magazine, link to her blog with all the info in part 1, and so now I present to you...

Part 2 of how to style boyfriend jeans


Top + Target, Jeans + Cotton On, Shoes + Rubi Shoes, Sunnies + H&M

Until next time,
Ash XxX

Skirts in Spring + Ivy Designs

Friday, October 17, 2014

Hi earthlings,

So Spring is in the air, which means time to bring out some cute skirts and shorts, although it can still be a bit cold. In spring, when the daytime sun fades and the cool winds of the night blow I just pull on a light jacket or cardigan to still go with the warm weather look, but also keep warm outside.

Spring is the season of light layering in my eyes, wearing thin nits over plain coloured tees, and layering light jackets over sleeveless tops!

Top + Cotton On, Jacket + Just Jeans, Skirt + Target, Shoes (not shown in pictures) Windsor Smith,
Necklace + Ivy Designs (Instagram boutique)

Until next time,
Ash X

What's on my iPhone?

Friday, October 17, 2014

Hi lovelies!

I saw this type of pst done on Chestnutt Blog and on Freshlly Pressed and decided to do my own 'What's on my iPhone post' !

I take all of my photos for my blog and Instagram on my iPhone, and I have sorted all of my apps into different folders like photos, games and health. For all the apps which I'm pretty sure not many people have heard of I've put a description and the others, like Pinterest, I've just listed below. Enjoy! 

So here's my homescreen, I've just put all the extra utility apps which I don't use in a folder and the rest of them i've just left as is

Down the bottom I have the apps I use the most, and then a folder of other social media apps and editing apps

In my 'Life' folder


We Heart It \ \ it's just like Pinterest, got so many gorgeous photos! I love using We Heart It to find cute GIF's because there's so many great quality cute GIF's and pics there!

Aviary \ \  one of the editing apps i use for my photos, works really well and it's so simple to use! It's also a really good one to get because it's free!

Afterlight \ \ the other great editing app i use for all my photos, although you do have to pay for this one it's still really good, a bit harder to use at first though! I love both of my editing apps though! I don't use it on all my photos though, mainly on the photos i take at night so they are nice and bright

Here's what's in my 'Utilities' folder

Google Maps
New Emoji

Font Maker \ \ great little font to use because of all the cute free fonts on it! Free app which i use a lot mainly for my bio's and contact names

Just Unfollow \ \ this is the app i use to see who has unfollowed me so I can unfollow them ;) I also use it to check up on my most active followers so i can give them some love back! 

Better Fonts \ \ another app that's just like Font Maker, but it's got so many more free fonts that you can use! I used this app to create all the titles for my folders, how cute are they!

Monogram Lite \ \ (I've actually deleted this app now because it didn't work, i took the photos before i tired it out) 

In my 'Health' folder

H&F Age
Lorna Jane

Headspace \ \ it's a meditation app i have, i turn it on before i go to sleep just to wind down and relax after a tough day, there are so many different types of meditation and relaxation voice-overs that you can play, and it almost feels like the voice-over is there!

Smiling Mind \ \ another meditation app i use, but this one is more like a journal, you record about your day, the highs and lows, then you answer a few questions like, are you feeling tired or not or if you're feeling tuned in or tuned out. The it plays a certain meditation voice-over depending on your answers!

I found both of my wallpapers on Pinterest, 
they are so cute and look great on my phone!

Until next time,
Ashley xo

Styling Boyfriend Jeans + Part 1

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Hi chickies,

So my friend Shelby has recently started making her own magazine, check out her blog page with upcoming mag info here, and guess what, I'm one of her models!

Myself and each of her other models were given a theme to work around for an OOTD in the mag,
and lucky me chose to do 2 ways to style boyfriend jeans

None of my freinds wear boyfriend jeans, because they either don't like them, or just don't know how to style them, and believe me it's not such an easy thing to do!

So I've come up with these two outfits, of how I'd normally wear my boyfriend jeans to help you guys come up with different ways to style them, and maybe even now want a pair!

So enough with the chit-chat, here's part 1, look out for part 2 coming in a few weeks...

Top + Factorie, Jeans + Jay JaysShoes + Factorie, Sunnies + H&M

Until next time,
Ashley xo

Spring Time Mixtape + 2k Views

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Well it's that time again, for my new mixtape!

Finally Spring is in the air, which means upbeat and catchy tunes hitting the radio,
and music that puts a smile on your face

I've collected up a few of my favourite spring tunes for you to all listen to and enjoy just as much as I do!

My last mixtape, my Winter Mixtape, is my most viewed post to date, so I though to myself, why not keep up with these types of posts and do a new mixtape each season!
So that's what I've done, a new mixtape every  season will be arriving on Inhale Grace, with the music of the time, catchy summer and spring tunes, and slower winter songs

I finally figured out how to get my spotify playlist to appear in the blog post, am I'm glad i figured it out! It's now so much easier to listen to songs!

Anyway enjoy my new Spring Time mixtape

( I really don't know if the music will actually work or not, so... let's just hope that it does! But if not, super sorry, you can still search up and listen to the songs anyway though! )

Also, before you go, I've got some more exciting news!
Yesterday my blog hit 2k views! I was so excited, I don't know why but it seems like every time I post a mixtape post my blog reaches a mini milestone! Let's just hope that next season I will have reached 3k views to keep up with this amazing trend!
Until next time,
Ash xxx