Spring Time Mixtape + 2k Views

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Well it's that time again, for my new mixtape!

Finally Spring is in the air, which means upbeat and catchy tunes hitting the radio,
and music that puts a smile on your face

I've collected up a few of my favourite spring tunes for you to all listen to and enjoy just as much as I do!

My last mixtape, my Winter Mixtape, is my most viewed post to date, so I though to myself, why not keep up with these types of posts and do a new mixtape each season!
So that's what I've done, a new mixtape every  season will be arriving on Inhale Grace, with the music of the time, catchy summer and spring tunes, and slower winter songs

I finally figured out how to get my spotify playlist to appear in the blog post, am I'm glad i figured it out! It's now so much easier to listen to songs!

Anyway enjoy my new Spring Time mixtape

( I really don't know if the music will actually work or not, so... let's just hope that it does! But if not, super sorry, you can still search up and listen to the songs anyway though! )

Also, before you go, I've got some more exciting news!
Yesterday my blog hit 2k views! I was so excited, I don't know why but it seems like every time I post a mixtape post my blog reaches a mini milestone! Let's just hope that next season I will have reached 3k views to keep up with this amazing trend!
Until next time,
Ash xxx

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