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Friday, August 22, 2014

Hey gorgeous'

So today I have an exciting post for you \ \ an interview with the lovely Cat from Freshly Pressed!

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one // Hey Cat! So tell us a little bit about yourself
Well, my name is Cat Forsyth, I’m nearly a teenager, I love art, photography, design, blogging, and I have a touch of OCD ( all my friends tease me because I’m a huge neat freak ! )

two // Who inspires your blog and Instagram ?
freshlypickked-Chestnutt Blog, chelssearosee-Uhm Chelsea, alittlebirdyblog-A Little Birdy Blog, Jasmine Dowling, Alexa Chung and Beci Orpin, and you of course !  

three // How would you describe your style?
I think my style is quite relaxed and calm, lots of navy blues, creams or whites, soft colours, and the clothes I wear are knits, turtlenecks, lots of different necklaces and I’m also loving Chuck Taylors. 

four // What made you want to create a blog ?
I had been looking at Chessie’s, Chelsea’s and Chloe’s blog for a while and decided that, ( as I was interested in all the things that they blog about ) it could be a good idea to blog too, so I could express myself, ( thoughts, ideas ) and share it with other people with the same interests. 

five // What is your one fashion must have during winter ?
A cute and snuggly knit. 

six // What do you love the most about blogging ?
All the inspiration and support that you gather ! Everyone is so kind and helpful, we all kind of support each other and help other blogs to grow ! 

seven // Do you have any fashion rules or tips ? 
Umm, mainly that what your wearing is comfortable, stylish, and that it shows who you are. I try to match my two current favourite colours; navy blue and cream / white. At the moment I’m having a crazy obsession with knits, as these are so cute and warm ! 

eight // Which blogs do you love the most ?
Chestnutt Blog, Uhm Chelsea, A Little Birdy Blog, Jasmine Dowling, Beci Orpin and yours ! (me: aww thanks!)

nine // What’s your favourite quote ?
Probably ‘ You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy tea, and that’s kind of the same thing ‘ It’s so cute and very me ! 

ten // Where do you buy all of your gorgeous clothes from ?
I love to shop at any random shop that I see something I like in, but most of my clothes come from Sportsgirl, Dotti, anywhere really !

eleven // What is your least favourite fashion trend ?
I really don’t like socks and sandals. Often I don’t mind heels and socks, but I just can’t see what some people see in socks and sandals. I don’t want to offend anyone though aha. 

twelve // What’s your favourite piece of clothing you have ?
Omg that’s really hard. I love all my clothes. At the moment I’m loving one of my knits, a black and gold one. I’m also loving a new pair of Chuck Taylors that just arrived for me ! 

thirteen // What about piece of furniture ?
Um, maybe my cubes. They are a great size, and are perfect for displaying all your gorgeous things ! 

fourteen // What are you obsessed with at the moment ?
At the moment I’m re - loving knits ! They are just so cute and perfect for winter ! 

fifteen // What is the most expensive piece of clothing you’ve bought?
Well it would have to be my 2XU’s ! They’re $140 ( bit embarrassing but lots of people have them so . . . ) 

sixteen // And finally have any tips for someone wanting to start a blog?
I know every blogger says this when asked this question, but it would have to be that, if you’re going to blog, blog about what you want to blog about ! Long sentence aha, but it’s true ! Blog about what makes you happy, not what your friends are blogging about ! Only do it if it makes you happy ! That’s the most important thing. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this interview with Cat and don't forget to check out Cat's Instagram \ blog \ Pinterest! She has just the cutest blog so please check it out!

Ash xx

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