Denim + Stripes

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Hey gals,

So today I present to you...            My very first OOTD!

I've been waiting and wanting to take some photos for an OOTD, but the weather here in Aus is absolutely terrible! It's been raining a lot during this freezing cold Winter, but luckily today the sun was shining and the birds were singing (maybe not) and so I though to myself,
'What a fantastic day to take some photos!'
And after about 15 minutes trying to decide what to wear I grabbed the camera and went out to take some photos!

So, enough with my rambling, let's get on with the photos!

Wearing + Skirt - Cotton On + Jacket - All About Eve + Top - Sportsgirl +
 Shoes - Lipstick Shoes

I am in love with these shoes that I got from Lipstick (I bought 3 pairs!) They were $5 at Windsor Smith and I literally just grabbed a black pair, a white pair, and a clear pair! 
($15 for 3 pairs of shoes, who can say no!)

Hope there's more sunny weather to come, only one month left of winter here and I can't wait for spring! Some long needed sunlight and warmth! 

Ash xx

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