Saturday, August 30, 2014

Top + Target, Jeans + Supre, Shoes + Wittner

I seriously love this textured tee I got from Target the other day, I love pairing it with simple pieces such as skinny jeans or a cute pair of ankle boots to create a simple and effective look!

Also, what do you guys think about these type of edits? I saw the type of photo on a few other blogs and thought it'd be cute to make my own.
I don't know, they're really fun to make!

Ash xx

Interview with Cat

Friday, August 22, 2014

Hey gorgeous'

So today I have an exciting post for you \ \ an interview with the lovely Cat from Freshly Pressed!

View Cat's blog here
View Cat's Pinterest here
View Cat's Instagram here

one // Hey Cat! So tell us a little bit about yourself
Well, my name is Cat Forsyth, I’m nearly a teenager, I love art, photography, design, blogging, and I have a touch of OCD ( all my friends tease me because I’m a huge neat freak ! )

two // Who inspires your blog and Instagram ?
freshlypickked-Chestnutt Blog, chelssearosee-Uhm Chelsea, alittlebirdyblog-A Little Birdy Blog, Jasmine Dowling, Alexa Chung and Beci Orpin, and you of course !  

three // How would you describe your style?
I think my style is quite relaxed and calm, lots of navy blues, creams or whites, soft colours, and the clothes I wear are knits, turtlenecks, lots of different necklaces and I’m also loving Chuck Taylors. 

four // What made you want to create a blog ?
I had been looking at Chessie’s, Chelsea’s and Chloe’s blog for a while and decided that, ( as I was interested in all the things that they blog about ) it could be a good idea to blog too, so I could express myself, ( thoughts, ideas ) and share it with other people with the same interests. 

five // What is your one fashion must have during winter ?
A cute and snuggly knit. 

six // What do you love the most about blogging ?
All the inspiration and support that you gather ! Everyone is so kind and helpful, we all kind of support each other and help other blogs to grow ! 

seven // Do you have any fashion rules or tips ? 
Umm, mainly that what your wearing is comfortable, stylish, and that it shows who you are. I try to match my two current favourite colours; navy blue and cream / white. At the moment I’m having a crazy obsession with knits, as these are so cute and warm ! 

eight // Which blogs do you love the most ?
Chestnutt Blog, Uhm Chelsea, A Little Birdy Blog, Jasmine Dowling, Beci Orpin and yours ! (me: aww thanks!)

nine // What’s your favourite quote ?
Probably ‘ You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy tea, and that’s kind of the same thing ‘ It’s so cute and very me ! 

ten // Where do you buy all of your gorgeous clothes from ?
I love to shop at any random shop that I see something I like in, but most of my clothes come from Sportsgirl, Dotti, anywhere really !

eleven // What is your least favourite fashion trend ?
I really don’t like socks and sandals. Often I don’t mind heels and socks, but I just can’t see what some people see in socks and sandals. I don’t want to offend anyone though aha. 

twelve // What’s your favourite piece of clothing you have ?
Omg that’s really hard. I love all my clothes. At the moment I’m loving one of my knits, a black and gold one. I’m also loving a new pair of Chuck Taylors that just arrived for me ! 

thirteen // What about piece of furniture ?
Um, maybe my cubes. They are a great size, and are perfect for displaying all your gorgeous things ! 

fourteen // What are you obsessed with at the moment ?
At the moment I’m re - loving knits ! They are just so cute and perfect for winter ! 

fifteen // What is the most expensive piece of clothing you’ve bought?
Well it would have to be my 2XU’s ! They’re $140 ( bit embarrassing but lots of people have them so . . . ) 

sixteen // And finally have any tips for someone wanting to start a blog?
I know every blogger says this when asked this question, but it would have to be that, if you’re going to blog, blog about what you want to blog about ! Long sentence aha, but it’s true ! Blog about what makes you happy, not what your friends are blogging about ! Only do it if it makes you happy ! That’s the most important thing. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this interview with Cat and don't forget to check out Cat's Instagram \ blog \ Pinterest! She has just the cutest blog so please check it out!

Ash xx

A Little Adventure

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Hi babes,

Today I decided to go on a small adventure, follow the beach path along the cliffs, so off I went! 
I grabbed my camera, strawberries and a jacket and walked down to the water.

A while after following the rocky path, finding many great lookout spots and taking some photos, I sat down and snacked on some strawberries.
It was so peaceful just wandering around near the waters edge, and looking out from the tops of the cliffs. It just reminded me how lucky I am to have something this beautiful so close by. We don't seem to be as aware of these types of wonders, and it just brought me back to earth a bit after wandering around and taking in all the beautiful sights and sounds.

It was calming just watching the fisherman, pelicans and families enjoying a day at the beach, and so I sat down on the rocks surrounded by water, took some photos and enjoyed watching the wind patterns on the water.

Sorry for the mass of photos, I got a bit carried away taking photos of the beautiful landscape.

Adventures like these just remind me how lucky I am to be alive.

Ash xx

Denim + Stripes

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Hey gals,

So today I present to you...            My very first OOTD!

I've been waiting and wanting to take some photos for an OOTD, but the weather here in Aus is absolutely terrible! It's been raining a lot during this freezing cold Winter, but luckily today the sun was shining and the birds were singing (maybe not) and so I though to myself,
'What a fantastic day to take some photos!'
And after about 15 minutes trying to decide what to wear I grabbed the camera and went out to take some photos!

So, enough with my rambling, let's get on with the photos!

Wearing + Skirt - Cotton On + Jacket - All About Eve + Top - Sportsgirl +
 Shoes - Lipstick Shoes

I am in love with these shoes that I got from Lipstick (I bought 3 pairs!) They were $5 at Windsor Smith and I literally just grabbed a black pair, a white pair, and a clear pair! 
($15 for 3 pairs of shoes, who can say no!)

Hope there's more sunny weather to come, only one month left of winter here and I can't wait for spring! Some long needed sunlight and warmth! 

Ash xx