The 'Care' Range

Friday, July 18, 2014

Hi babes,

So during Autumn I received this amazing hair care range called 'Care by Nak' and I've been using them throughout Winter to keep my hair super soft!  

They're Australian made, which is great, but what's even better is that a percentage of the profit made is going to support breast cancer research.

The range consists of a conditioning treatment, a leave in moisturiser and a styling foam. I think the products are actually made for Summer to protect your hair from the sun, but works just fine during the other months!

This is the daily leave in moisturiser. It's for protecting your hair from the sun and winds while It can also be used to detangle, increase softness and shine while improving overall condition! This one is really good to apply in the morning because it acts like a protective layer on your hair!

This one is the conditioning treatment. It's made to restore softness and shine, and really helps repair split ends! I love how they've used Shea Butter in this product to really soften your hair. 

Finally this is the styling foam, it's like a really good smelling hair mousse! It has Medium hold, it's weight free, and has thickening formula that'll instantly deliver volume from root to tip. It dries so quickly and isn't sticky in your hair, great for achieving that super sleek high ponytail!

Hope you guys liked this post! 
I've got so many photos and blog posts ready now! It makes it so much easier to keep on top of my goal to post on my blog at least every week!

Ash xx

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