Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Hi lovelies!

So recently I posted a picture on my Instagram .. @inhale.grace .. and asked you guys to comment any questions you have that I can answer in this week's blog post, I've got quite a lot of questions to answer, so, let's get started!

1 - Why and when did yo create a blog?
I started 'Inhale Grace Blog' in May and am really happy with how much it's grown since then! I started blogging because I was inspired by a lot of girls in my year 7 class who had blogs and I just thought having a blog would be fun and i'd somehow benefit from blogging!

2 - What is your favourite season?
Ok it's easily got to be Autumn, I was born in Autumn, it's not too hot in Autumn, it's not too cold in Autumn... AUTUMN!

3 - What are you currently obsessed with?
At the moment as i've probably said before, I'm obsessing over Project runway and Australia's next top model. I'm also in love with 5AM yoghurt which i've been eating almost every day now.

4 - If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Greece. I've always wanted to stay at Greece in the original little town areas down by the seaside! It's just so beautiful there, all the white houses are amazing and i've always wanted to go swimming down in the crystal clear water! I'd definitely choose to go to Greece!

5 - What's your favourite book?
Well I couldn't choose just one! My favourite books would have to be the Harry Potter series, except for The Order of The Phoenix, It's just so boring! But I love the Harry Potter books and movies and everything!

6 - What is the number one thing wrong with society in your eyes?
In my eyes it's gotta be same sex marriage, I'm completely in favour of it! No one should be stopped from marrying the person they love, no matter what their gender is! True love is a rare and important thing and we need to acknowledge that every one is different and we all love different people! People should not be stopped from marrying someone of the same gender.

7 - Last food you want to eat before you die?
Well I always think that when you die you just go into eternal darkness for a while so i'd like to be prepared and eat carrots as the last food before i die so i can see what's happening in the darkness! (lol, carrots what am I thinking!)

8 - Celebrity crush?
Chris Evans! Or you may know him as, Captain America from the movies.

9 - Winter or summer?
idk when it's summer I really wish it was winter because it's too hot, and when it's winter I can't wit for summer because it's just too cold!

10 - What's your favourite flavour of EOS?
I can't choose between Summer Fruit and strawberry Sorbet! But I have been using Summer Fruit a lot more, because the other is just too sweet smelling, so i'd have to say my favourite is Summer Fruit (the red one)

11 - Do you have a polaroid?
no!! Aww I really want one!

12 - Top three travel destinations?
1. Greece 2. Tokyo 3. Canada (to see the northern lights)

13 - Favourite blogs?
Mia and Midas
Clouds and dots
Deers and daisies
Freshlly Pressed
Chestnutt blog
Uhm Chelsea
Vanilla craft blog

14 - Favourite part of blogging?
The whole blogging community! Everyone is so nice and will compliment you and your blog, it's just so nice to get all this great feedback! I also love just checking out my favourite blogs and getting inspiration from there, everyone has such great creative ideas!

15 - What would you never do? Even for a million dollars?
Break the law and possibly be sent to jail, I'd never want to go to jail, not even for one day, it's really scary there! So i'd never go to jail, not even for a million dollars

16 - Favourite outfit?
Not saying just yet, I'm planing an OOTD for that!

17 - Favourite emojis?
🐢🐚🐱⚓😊✨😊 (Idk if they'll actually show up on my blog but there's the turtle, shell, cat, stars, happy blushing face, anchor)

18 - What made you want to create a blog?
Like in question 1 i was inspired by the other girls in my class with blogs, and blogging just really somehow became something that i really wanted to get into!

19 - What's your most expensive item of clothing?
That's gotta be my 2XU's i don't think i have anything in my wardrobe that cost more than $140 but I am literally in love with my 2XU's!

20 - What's your least favourite fashion trend at the moment?
I'm sorry if I offend anyone but i really don't like the sock and heels thing! I know some people just can''t leave their Windsor Smith's for the warmer month's but it's really not fashionable in my eyes, especially when they're worn with patterned socks.

21 - What country are you from?

22 - What Hogwarts house are you in?
So I've taken a test on this website called Potermore three times now and I can't believe the result! Thank's sorting hat for placing me in... SLYTHERIN! (lol, i'm sooo evil!)

23 - What's your favourite songs?
My songs know what you did in the dark - Fall Out Boy
The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy
Na Na Na Na - My Chemical Romance
Pumping Blood - nonono
Hall of Fame - The Script

24 - What's your favourite sports?
Well I love basketball, netball, Aussie rules, cross county and athletics. I just love playing sport!

25 - Favourite colour?
Hmm well I have five. I love mint green, purple, watermelon, peach and it might not count because it's a shade but white. Pastel colours are my favourites!

26 - Who's your inspiration?
SARA DONALDSON! I love her fashion sense and her hair cut, it's gorgeous! She is so beautiful and can pull off any outfit! Isn't she amazing! (below)

Wow this is probably my biggest blog post so far, but it was really fun to do! I'm hoping to do an OOTD for you guys soon so look out for that! Don't forget to check out my Instagram @inhale.grace

Love you all, Ash xx

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