How to Style Short Hair

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hi gals,

So today I have just a quick post for you, I got my hair cut quite short recently (I love it!) and so I though i'd make a post about how you can style short hair because there's so much less that you can do compared to long hair! 

This is the first time that I've gotten someone else (my brother) to take the photos for me, and I think that they've actually turned out so well!

I haven't written down instructions or steps for any of these, because most of them are pretty self explanatory! Enjoy!

one / / The Itty Bitty Side Braid

two \ \ The Half-up-Half-down

three \ \ Simply wear it out!

(I felt so much like Jasmine Dowling in this last pic!)

four \ \ Low Ponytail

five \ \ 2 piggy-tails

I hope you guys liked this little post, It was really fun to do the mini photo-shoot!

I'm still trying to find more ways that i can style my new hair length, but I'm really loving having short hair for a change!

Ash xx

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