H&M Haul

Friday, July 04, 2014

Hi lovelies!

So I went to H&M recently and wow, my mum and I came back with three bags full!! I love H&M already and am totally obsessed with all my new purchases, so, i thought i'd share my obsessions with you and show you guys what i bought on my trip into the city! Not all three bags were mine but anyway theres still quite a lot here (haha no surprise!) so let's get started! 

1 \ \ Black outdoor sport jacket .. I only bought this two days ago and I've already worn it twice on my morning runs! It's really warm inside which is so great for the cold Melbourne winters 

2 \ \ Brown leather handbag .. Well I haven't used it yet (surprisingly!) but I just couldn't say no to this gorgeous brown handbag! 

3 \ \ 5 pack of coloured scalloped edge socks .. Great to wear with my black boots, the colour of the socks just pokes out from the top! I am just obsessed with cute socks right now!

4 \ \ Super skinny super low waist denim jeans .. Who doesn't love a pair of skinny leg jeans!

5 \ \ Black and white striped knit top .. This top is just so pretty! Haha I'm actually wearing it right now! It's meant to be quite fitted but I got a size up so It's nice and baggy, thought it looked nicer that way!

6 \ \ Good old black hair ties .. Well I was running out of black hair ties (seemed to have disappeared from my wardrobe!) so when I spotted these bad boys lying next to the counter I just had to get some!

7 \ \ Black textured skater skirt .. I've wanted to get my hands on a skater skirt for a while now and this one is just perfect! It's got a sort of diamond pattern texture to it which is really cute! 

Only one more week of school holidays for me, but I'm actually looking forward for it to start again! (I'll be able to get rid of school work and highlighters from my desk!) Can't wait until the weekend, I'm going away to Phillip Island and am so glad that I'll have some time to chill down near the beach!

Love you all, Ash xx

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